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New Episode (S2,E14) MS Warrior, Advocate, Author: Julie Stamm

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We love to talk about how Spoonies often wear many hats, and after getting to know Julie Stamm, we learned that she too, wears many! Julie is a native New Yorker, author, mother, MS warrior and advocate, as well as an MS Champion, Mission Moment Speaker and a Walk MS New York City participant. Julie sent us a copy of her sweet book and after reading it, we knew we just had to have her on the show so we could get to know her and her story better!

Julie’s Links:

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Some things we learned about Julie during our interview:

  • She’s a native New Yorker.
  • Julie had many years of symptoms before finally receiving a diagnosis.
  • She was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) in 2007, and it was a gerontologist (a doctor who specializes in aging) who was finally able to help her get the ball rolling to get some answers.
  • She adores her family!
  • She has an amazing partner Adam, and an adorable little boy named Jack.
  • She LOVES being Jack’s mom.
  • She has a sister who was also diagnosed with MS, but they each have very different experiences with it.
  • She wrote the book, “Some Days We…” to help start a much-needed conversation around parenting and multiple sclerosis (well, all chronic illness really.)
  • The illustrator for her book is also a chronic illness warrior.
  • She’s participating in a pretty cool new trial with STEM cells for her MS.
  • She’s a huge advocate for MS both here in the United States, as well as in England.
  • She’s an all around mighty warrior, but she’s not afraid to show all sides of what living with MS looks like for both her and her family.
  • Selma Blair and Montel Williams (both MS Warriors and parents themselves) have given her some pretty amazing and well-deserved shout outs for her book!
  • She’s got some amazing projects on the horizon and we are so excited to see how many lives she and her beautiful book are touching.
“The reality is that life evolves for all of us. We all want more for our families. We all face obstacles that we need to overcome. We are only here on this earth for the blink of an eye, and I hope my moments will matter. ’Some Days We…’, the book I wrote is my attempt to leave a footprint.” -Julie

Amazon link to buy a copy of Julie’s book: link

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