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What A Bright Idea

Here at The Invisible Diaries, we are all about innovation and what we like to call “life hacking.” A few months ago, the amazing people over at Norb® Lighting sent us a couple of lights to try out, and we were more than intrigued. While researching a little bit about this company, something that stood out to us right away, was the way that they acknowledged that we as humans, spend around 93% of our lives indoors, under less-than-ideal lighting. Those of us who suffer from chronic illness know that sometimes, that number could even be higher. With many of us suffering from sensory issues, and light sensitivities, we were really impressed to learn that they have a variety of different lights, for many different goals, but they are all centered around what they like to call “light nutrition.”

With so many different options, it was hard to choose just one bulb to try out. Definitely take advantage of our 10% off promo code: SUPPORT10 if you wish to try out a therapeutic light! We narrowed it down to the “Focus” and “Relief” bulbs, as those two bulbs caught our attention for areas that we each wanted to work on. Amber tried the Focus™ bulb, and Misti tried the Relief™ bulb. Here is what we discovered:

The Norb® Focus™ for mental performance.

According to their website, the Focus™ bulb is designed with a “specialized light spectrum to help you focus, read, study, and recall to the best of your ability.” Since we spend a lot of time at the computer, we were really eager to see how this light would impact our time at our desk. Upon taking it out of the package, we could feel the difference in this particular bulb right away, as it feels a little heavier than most ordinary light bulbs. It is a soft white LED light, that easily fit into our desk lamp. It wasn’t harsh, or distracting like a lot of lights can be, and the transition from daytime use to evening use was seamless and enjoyable. We noticed less eye-fatigue, and eye-spotting than some of the harsher alternatives we’ve tried, and enjoyed the ambient light that it provided around early evening, when the light change proves the harshest on our eyes and attention span. We found that we were taking less breaks, and able to use the light all day, into the wee hours of the morning without any triggering side effects that eye-fatigue can often create. All in all, we found the Norb® Focus™ light to be a game-changer for those long hours spent at our desk, and will definitely be continuing to use it as we move into shorter days for Fall.

You can really see the contrast of light from the lamp with the Norb® Focus™ bulb and it’s softer light, in comparison to the brighter white LEDs that back-light the computer.

10/10 I would recommend this lamp for those late night study sessions, or long hours at the computer doing work. I noticed a reduction in my eye-fatigue breaks, and the soft light really made sitting at my desk much more enjoyable.”


What about migraine-prone people?

Well, Norb® has a solution for that too!

“Norb® Relief™ is a migraine reducing green light, with specializing patent-pending Flicker Free/Narrow Green® spectrum designed to reduce the occurrence of light-induced migraines.”

-Norb’s website (

Many of us with chronic illness know that we can have certain triggers that will induce or increase our symptoms. Artificial light can sometimes be a trigger for headaches. With Norb® light bulbs, the aim is to add biologically natural lighting or wellness lighting, for better working, learning and living. How great is that? To think that something as simple as changing out the type of light bulb we use, could help reduce migraine triggers and associated symptoms like pain and headaches.

It’s the little things, like an adjustment of light in our world, that can make a difference in a day in the life of chronic illness.”


After using these bulbs for the past few weeks, we can honestly say that we love what Norb® is on a mission to accomplish. It’s not often that we find companies looking for ways to help reduce the burden of those with chronic illness, so when we do, we get excited. We love companies that think outside of the box, and it seems that Norb® is definitely one of those companies. Their motto is, “It’s light changing,™” and we couldn’t agree more!

Editor’s Note: We were sent these products for free in exchange for our honest review! Use our promo code: SUPPORT10

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