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New Episode! Breast Awareness with Meghan

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Meghan Schultz R.T. (R)(M)(BD)

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Tepas Breast Center (Melbourne, FL)

Self Breast Exam How To

3D Mammography



For this episode, we discuss: Breast awareness, mammograms, breast health with special guest, Meghan Schultz!

Meghan Schultz R.T.(R)(M)(BD) graduated from the radiology program at EFSC in 2010 and has been practicing in Brevard ever since. She holds federal registries in radiology, mammography and bone densitometry. She has helped implement the first 3D mammography system in Brevard County and recently helped upgrade the current facility to 3D mammography with comfort curve technology and 3D biopsy ability.


Meghan: “Mammography, ultrasound, and MRI are used in conjunction to diagnose breast issues. Most breast lumps are benign , but we don’t stop at “probably.” We look for definite answers because it’s what the patient deserves.”

“Know your body. Come for annual screenings.”

“Tell doctors when you have concerns and don’t stop if you aren’t feeling heard.”

“I was a pediatric burn patient and I stayed at the Shriners Burn Hospital while having reconstruction and skin grafting. I think that experience has formed the bedside manner that I display.”

“I have had to have 3 breast biopsies personally, and all were fortunately negative.Not all are so fortunate, which is why early detection and annual screening is so important. The earlier we catch it, the earlier we can treat.”

“Women AND men should perform monthly self breast exams. The general recommendation is to start at age 18, I however encourage it from the onset of puberty so that teenagers can learn what their normal is.”

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