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Tyler Farnham’s Skydiving Accident


Tyler Farnham is a surfer and lifeguard where he lives currently in Bali, Indonesia. In April of 2009 for his 26th birthday, Tyler woke up after 5 days of being in a medically induced coma. Tyler is from Cocoa Beach, Florida and at just 5 days prior to waking up from a coma, he went on a routine skydive. At an altitude of 3,500, his parachute malfunctioned, sending him spiraling to the ground. Tyler’s last thoughts were, “I think I am going to die.”

Tyler had a long road ahead, as he was left with a shattered (compound) right femur fracture, left femur fracture, right ulna fracture, right humerus fracture, two shattered condyles, broken mandible, skull fracture, and 9 broken teeth. He has permanent metal rods, pins, and screws in his legs, arm and jaw.

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What is your main struggle with your illness?

Tyler: Currently, I am limited as to what I can do physically. Although I can still surf.

What is a common misconception related to your illness?

Tyler: Unless I speak about it, you would never know this has happened to me.

What helps you? What do you do to take care of yourself? 

Tyler: In the states, CBD and THC are extremely helpful. Although that is illegal here in Indonesia. So, Kratom is helpful, but mostly daily exercise and stretching.

How is your mental health affected and how do you manage that?

Tyler: Every day is work, just getting out of bed and starting the day. I manage by not giving up and telling myself it could be much worse, and overall I am one of the lucky ones.

What is a scary/difficult moment in your life and what was the best? (In regards to your condition)

Tyler: Anytime I sprain / tweak my knees surfing it is a scare, it happens every few months. The best moments are having great surfs, which is often.

Give us is a fun and interesting blurb about you (not related to your illness):

Tyler: I would say that almost losing my life from a skydive gone wrong was the best thing that has ever happened to me. The outcome has left me with two published books and nearly 8 years of world travel.

What advice do you have for others who are recently diagnosed or recovering from an accident?

Tyler: Never give up, and focus on the small wins every day; don’t lose focus or hope.

What would you like others to know about your illness? (to family, friends, coworkers of someone with your condition):

Tyler: Just to stay positive and thankful to be able to do whatever it is you can and enjoy doing. For me, that would be surfing.

What is your social media handle/website/links if you want to make yourself available for others to reach out?

@tylerfarnham / Instagram



Purchase Tyler’s book: here

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