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Physician Spotlight: Atwal Clinic

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Paldeep S. Atwal, MD, FACMG, FRCP(UK), FRCP(Glasg)

Specializes in Clinical and Biochemical Genetics

Located in Jacksonville, FL



Please tell us about your specialty and what the clinic has to offer:

Medical Genetics is the practice of understanding the effect of DNA differences on the body. Dr. Atwal understands the long diagnostic journey that many patients suffer through and has devoted his life to the research and care of these individuals. Atwal Clinic offers in-person as well as video consults to reach all across the country helping patients receive the care they need, where they need it. Genetic testing can also be done remotely.

Particular areas of expertise include: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome / Connective Tissue Disease, Inborn Errors of Metabolism (e.g. PKU), Mitochondrial Disease (e.g. MELAS, MERRF), and Lysosomal Storage Disease (e.g. Gaucher, Fabry, MPS, Pompe). Dr. Atwal is expertly trained in all areas of genetics, including cancer genetics, cardiac genetics, neurogenetics, pediatric genetics, predictive/preventive genetics, prenatal genetics, and adult genetics.


Provide a little background, credentials, and additional information:

Dr. Atwal is a board-certified clinical and medical biochemical geneticist. He formerly served as Mayo Clinic’s Medical Director for the Center for Individualized Medicine and Clinical Lead for the Department of Clinical Genomics at the Jacksonville campus. He completed his Residency in Medical Genetics at Stanford University and Fellowship in Medical Biochemical genetics at Baylor College of Medicine. He is a fellow of both The American College of Medical Genetics & Genomics and The Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom.

Dr. Atwal’s clinical interests include clinical genomics, undiagnosed diseases following lengthy diagnostic odysseys and inborn errors of metabolism including mitochondrial diseases. Through his work, he has helped discover two new genetic connective tissue syndromes that results from defects in the FLNA & AEBP1 genes, helped develop an untargeted metabolomic screening test for inborn errors of metabolism, and has published extensively on human genetics with over 80 publications to date.


What questions should a patient ask their physician?


– What are next steps in my healthcare plan?

– Do need to start or stop doing anything?

– Should I get input from other specialists?

– Who will manage my condition long-term?

– What does this diagnosis mean for my family, if anything?

– Is it possible some of my prior diagnoses are incorrect?


Please provide your social media handles, website/links, contact and address to clinic:



Phone: (904) 364-9985

Fax: (650) 897-5097


4110 Southpoint Blvd

Suite 118

Jacksonville, FL 32216


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