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Summertime Self-Care: 5 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Daily Routine

Summer is the season of slowing down, sitting back, and unwinding from the winter months. Schedules free up, activities are moved outside, and that balmy, breezy air almost whispers that it’s a time to do things that allow you to rejuvenate and recharge.  It also just happens to be a great time to check-in with yourself and update your daily routine. Here are 5 simple ways to breathe some new life into your everyday groove and make the most of your summer

1. Take a break from technology.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but think about how much time we’ve spent on technology since the world got turned upside down from the Pandemic. Many of our daily routines have moved strictly online. It’s been a lot of digital stimulation and I’m sure our eyes and our mental health could use a little vacay. Technology is such an amazing tool to keep us connected, but sometimes it’s okay and necessary to hit pause. Many smartphones, and tablets now come with monitoring apps to let you know how much time screen time you’re actually using, with some even offering further limit perimeters that you can set for yourself if you find that it’s just too difficult to put it down. Sometimes even just setting a gentle reminder or alarm on your phone to remind you it’s time for break works as well. The point is to just spend less, but more intentional time on your device.

2. Create a new morning routine.

What better way to tell your mind and your body that a new season in here than by creating a new routine for yourself? It doesn’t have to be elaborate or over-scheduled (cause hey, the whole point is that summer means less scheduling, right)!? It just has to be different. Change the sound of your alarm, make a new vision/goal board and look at it while you drink your tea or coffee, eat breakfast outside, create a morning playlist to motivate you into seizing the day and attacking some of those fun summer to-dos. Change how you start your day, and everything will seem new and fresh again. 

3. Keep a journal.

Write your thoughts, track your daily activities, color, collect flowers and tape them in, draw, paint, print favorite photos and stick those in. The point is to create every day so that at the end of summer, you can reflect back and see all of the beautiful memories you’ve made.

4. Change it up and then check-in.

Do you normally eat your largest meal at night? Why not switch it with lunch or breakfast and then see how you feel? Do you end your day with the news? Try turning it on in the morning instead, and reading something uplifting night. Does that one shift help you sleep better? Drive the same way to work? Why not try a new route? Did you notice anything different? Small, subtle changes in your daily routine help exercise your brain’s neuroplasticity and can actually increase your creativity.

5. Re-arrange a space, no matter how small.

Do you see the same old picture or poster when you wake up? Try moving it around. How about your kitchen? Is there a drawer that needs attention? Or nook that’s prone to clutter? Switch it up, clean it out and enjoy a new perspective on an old space. If things get stale, switch it up again. It’s your space. Get creative!

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