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S2,E3: Beauty in Bed (with special guest Joy)

The Invisible Diaries Special Guest: Joy McGregor

Instagram: @theinvisiblediaries

Topic: Beauty in Bed: Tips, Tricks, and Beauty Hacks from Joy

Joy’s Social Media: IG @joyousmac

Joy’s FB: Joyous Skincare + Beauty


Joy is a licensed esthetician and makeup artist and she will share tips, tricks and beauty hacks geared towards the chronically ill. She is going to share an idea she came up with for an edible lip scrub, as well as other beauty hacks that can easily be achieved from home.

iTunes: Link

Podcast: Link

YouTube: Link

“Hello, Joy McGregor here! I am a license aesthetician and make up artist. Self-care shouldn’t be something that is only available to healthy people. The decadent and delicious lip scrub is simple to make; you can make it right at home. Mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil 2 tablespoons of brown sugar. The homemade coffee body scrub will leave your skin gently exfoliated and moisturized. It’s also a perfect prep for shaving. Mix already brewed grounds of coffee and coconut oil, equal parts.”

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