Teen Warrior: Astrid

Being a teenager and having POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) can be really hard at times. It’s hard for me to do everyday things that my friends can easily participate in. Like at school during track, I mostly walk and my friends usually run ahead of me. If I do run my face turns very red for most of the day. It’s hard to breathe, my blood pressure drops, and my heart rate goes up. My teachers always think I just don’t want to participate; if I could then I would… but it’s hard to. Even some classmates would make fun of me saying stuff like, “Oh, I have heart issues too. Let me skip running!” and continue to make jokes with the teacher. I know they are just joking but it still hurts my feelings.

Having pots doesn’t just affect me at school, it also affects me on the weekend with friends. My friends would invite me to go to the new trampoline park and although it’s fun for the first 30 minutes or so, later I start to feel exhausted. My face will turn red, blood pressure drops and of course my heart rate raises. I usually try to run to the bathroom and take a break while my friends are still having fun. They like staying at the trampoline park for hours but I can’t really handle it well. I know it’s their favorite so I try to enjoy it too.

Typically when I’m home I can catch a break from my episodes but sometimes it’s hard. I get asked to do simple things like walk the dog, which isn’t always hard to do but during the summer it’s not so fun. While walking the dog I start off fine, but while I continue to walk the dog in the heat I get another episode of POTS. It’s hard being a teenager with POTS.

1 thought on “Teen Warrior: Astrid”

  1. Teen life is hard enough, but to live every day with an invisible illness is a struggle both physically and mentally. Astrid spoke out. Her family listened. So many young people do not know how to explain what they feel whether it be a physical disability, an emotional issue or a social concern. Even with support groups on every level, at times, I think we may have failed as parents and care givers by not listening. Not taking the time to talk, investigate and act. Astrid is a well rounded individual with a host of loving, supportive family members. I am so honored to know her, and will always love her with my whole heart. You are beautiful! (¸.•´ 💜 ◜◝╮ 🦋 ╭◜ 💜•*¨)
    ( 🦋•。 🦋•*¨)
    (¸.•´◞ 🦋◟ 💜 ◞╰ 🦋•*¨)

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